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Nunaka Game App Wins Award

Nunaka Game App Wins Award - June 20, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Nunaka: My Village won the following awards!

Brought to you by Chugachmiut Heritage Preservation Program, and FableVision in collaboration with Chugachmiut Birth to Five Head Start Program, Nunaka is a 3D learning app that includes the culture and language of our Sugpiaq heritage. It is made possible by generous support from the U.S. Department of Education.

Overall, Nunaka is a deeply charming game experience that successfully guides players through multiple different learning outcomes – from foundational school readiness standards to embedded learning about the Sugpiaq people and Sugt’stun language. The gameplay is designed thoughtfully, with numerous good learning principles woven throughout. I truly enjoyed my time wandering around the fictionalized Sugpiaq village with my Emaa and Apaa, and I can genuinely say that I learned while playing this game. So – kudos to you, Nunaka! Your winning of the Formal/Elementary Category of the 2023 GEE! Learning Game Awards is well-deserved!” – Chris Baker (Competition Lead), James Paul GEE! Learning Game Awards

“An educational game developed for Preschool Education training has been cited for excellence in the 2023 International Serious Play Awards Program.” – Serious Play Awards

Nunaka is available to the public in the Apple app store and Google Play store!

Check out our new trailer with Nanwalek Head Start children, teachers Sarah Evans, Josiya Moonin-Sliney and Katherine Kinneeveauk, and Ephimia “Apamia” Moonin-Wilson, Port Graham Sugt’stun Language Teacher!

Check out a trailer with our very own, Ephimia “Apamia” Moonin-Wilson, Port Graham Sugt’stun Language Teacher!

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Our vision is to revitalize the traditional Chugach Native culture and language. The goal is to make Sugpiaq/ Eyak history and heritage a part of the regular school curriculum with support and direction from our Elders’ traditional ecological knowledge (TEK).

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