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Serving the Native Communities of the Chugach Region

Privacy Statement: Nunaka: My Village

Chugachmiut is an Alaska Native 501 (c) 3 non-profit agency incorporated in 1974 to serve the
seven Native tribes in the Chugach Region. In releasing Nunaka: My Village, we are committed
to providing a safe and secure environment for young people to learn Sugt’stun language,
Sugpiaq culture and heritage, and take on age-appropriate game-based activities. As part of
that commitment, we do not collect information that directly identifies you or your child.

Please note that a separate privacy policy may apply to third-party services you use to access
our content.

What information does Nunaka: My Village collect?

Other than what is disclosed to us in emails, we do not collect information that directly identifies
any individual child or adult.

Any information we collect is only used in order to develop and improve Nunaka: My Village.

We do not share information we collect with any third parties. We may share anonymized,
aggregated information with production partners we work with to help us further refine and
improve Nunaka: My Village.

Notice for international users: Although we do not prohibit users from outside the United States
from accessing and using Nunaka: My Village, the app is designed for and directed to families in
the United States. Accordingly, we have crafted our information practices to comply with U.S.
law, and not necessarily with those of other jurisdictions.

We reserve the right to change and update this privacy policy if our information practices
change or the apps introduce new features. Please revisit this privacy policy statement from
time to time so you can be aware of any updates.

Do you have any questions about this privacy policy?

If so, please contact us at developer@chugachmiut.org

Chugachmiut Heritage Preservation

Heritage Preservation

Llangarlluni: Becoming Aware

Our vision is to revitalize the traditional Chugach Native culture and language. The goal is to make Sugpiaq/ Eyak history and heritage a part of the regular school curriculum with support and direction from our Elders’ traditional ecological knowledge (TEK).

Heritage Preservation

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