Chugachmiut’s Nupuat Newsletter Winter Edition is available!

Topics in the Nupuat Newsletter – Winter Edition

  • Career Opportunities
  • Behavioral Health Crisis Line
  • Llangcarwik Recovery Camp
  • Burial Assistance Resources
  • Memorial Day Event by Chugach Arts Council
  • Realty Department Update
  • Kanarlluk Bear Gut Raincoat Workshop & 2024 Statewide Elders & Youth Council Representatives Elected
  • Celebrate 50 Years with Chugachmiut
  • Nunaka: My Village Wins Again
  • Story Submission – Our Beloved Red Salmon By Mandy Wood
  • Trust & Land Management Division
  • Health Services Division News
  • Christmas Card Design Contest
  • Employee Spotlight
  • Money Monday Newsletter

📸About the Cover: Crew members on an integrated team from Denali Wildland Fire Module and Yukon Fire Crew were working on a tower while on assignment in Delta over the summer. Pictured: Apachi Rivers (underneath tower), Keenan Lacy (on ladder), Gavin Bennett (holding ladder at left), Ernest David (holding ladder at right) and Rudolf Smith – Yukon (on top of tower).

Nupuat is a quarterly publication of Chugachmiut, the tribal not-for-profit organization serving the Alaska Native peoples of the Chugach Region. If you need to update your mailing address, please email us at

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